Organic, Fairtrade

and Biodynamic Brands

Certificated and Quality Products Lines

he choice of our suppliers and product lines offers to our customers, excellence in flavor and in the treatment of ingredients during their preparation.

Our catalog is constantly growing and is currently divided into the following ranges of products :



  • Vegetales drinks
  • Maple products
  • Spices
  • Sauces
  • Coffee, Tea
  • Cereals cakes
  • Gluten free products


  • Vegetale powder
  • Guarana
  • Energy drinks


  • Care products
  • For the skin
  • For the hair
  • For the teeth
  • Oils
  • Babies / Children


  • Reusable cotton
    produce bags
  • Washable
    and biodegradable


Any product features from our providers / producers

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Bec Cola

Bec Cola is a refreshment that celebrates the flavours of our land. It’s a soda sweetened with maple syrup and prepared with organic ingredients. An authentic taste of Quebec.
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Breuvages santé, désaltérants, à l’infusion de fleurs d’hibiscus biologiques. 
Source de calcium, fer, vitamine C, et riche en anti-oxydants.
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DAO-Biscuits salés

Sans huile de palme, vendus dans des emballages respectueux de l’environnement (Sachet de 100g) et produits dans une biscuiterie familiale de conception écologique des Alpes de Haute Provence, en France. A partager entre amis à l’heure de l’apéro, les biscuits DAO salés au sel de Guérande ou au tamari se déclinent en 8 parfums.
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100% Organic Cotton and Eco-Friendly Reusable Produce Bags. For Fruits and Vegetables.

• Fairtrade and Sustainable
• Alternative to plastic produce bags
• High-quality for strong durability
• New way to reduce our ecological foot print

European market bag

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Fou de L'ile

Fous de l'Île: Kombucha brassé à Montréal

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Organic matcha tea : Matcha is the finest green tea. 

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